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otpe09These landscapes were conceived in Lari, a small medieval village a few kilometers from Pisa, in the beautiful Tuscan countryside . I spent fifteen years of my life in this wonderful part of Tuscany and i still take refuge there whenever i can.

This place which is full of wonderful views, ancient trees and impressive cypresses was asking me to permanently fix these images into art, so they can be admired and enjoyed by other people too; and this is how my gold and silver jewellery "Landscapes to wear" were created.

The Tuscan countryside, which still inspires me, always pervades my soul, so that each one of my creations makes this love I feel bloom again, renewing the enchantment and the delight.

Every day i thank this wonderful country for its inspiring beauty and harmony.
The international copyright that "Landscapes to wear" received in April 2005 is an official acknowledgement that I would like to dedicate to this beautiful Land.

Maria Luigia Guidi

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